Friday, 2 January 2015

Feature List

This is an always up to date list of current and planned features for GW2 TacO

Current features:

  • Marker system
    • Users are able to mark 3D points in the game world with several options.
    • Marker packs can be created and shared
    • Marker packs included in the archive contain HoT/DryTop/Silverwastes chest spawn locations (incomplete) and directional markers for the Gorseval and Sabetha raid fights.
  • Map timer
    • A configurable map timer window shows what's going on in the game world.
    • Configured for HoT maps by default
    • Now includes timers for World Bosses
  • Location based timer system
    • Based on the location of the player a timed message system shows text on the screen. This is currently only used to display cannon timers for the Sabetha raid fight.
  • TS3 integration
    • Using one of the default supplied TS3 plugins the overlay displays the channel you're currently in for each of the TS3 servers you're connected to. The feature for now is non-interactive.
    • Talking people are now sorted to the top of the list.
  • Tactical Compass
    • A compass that is displayed around the character.
  • Range markers
    • Flat range marker circles show up around the character. The various distances can be toggled on and off.
  • Mushroom markers with countdowns on when they will be back up
    • The mushrooms in the Vale Guardian arena show when they will be active again.
  • Grid for the health bars of enemies
    • Configurable, location based HP bar notches show phases of a boss
Planned features:
  • Extended key binding capabilities to toggle features on and off on the fly
  • Range display. You push a button to mark a location in the game world, and your exact distance to that location will be displayed until you push the button again.
  • Minimap that's able to show the markers you see in the game world.
  • WVW integration. I'm waiting with this until the big wvw updates.
  • Trading post API integration
  • Customizable daily todo checklist
  • Togglable vsync for the overlay (performance option)
  • Tactical arrow showing the direction of a point of interest
  • Speedrun tracker, a dot that follows your best speedrun of a particular area and lets you race against yourself
  • Notes window
  • Making the TS3 part optional (possible performance improvement on some machines)
  • Making the mouse highlight color changeable
  • Global transparency setting for the marker display.
  • Language file containing all the text in TacO so it can be translated by you guys

Thursday, 1 January 2015



This post only supplies data to the update notification feature in the overlay. You can safely ignore it.